Service Provided

Train Shipping Services

Rules applicable in the service of shipping ​by train:

1 – The available weight is 26 tons as a maximum.

2- Balance the load on all the container space equally.

3- A detailed explanation of the cargo through a packing list.

4- Items prohibited in the train shipping, liquid combustible materials, explosive materials, international brands, batteries, crackers and fireworks.

5- There are some goods that require special papers or certificates for export by train. These expenses are at the expense of the source of the goods or the owner of the goods .



The ancient Silk Road between China, Europe and the Middle East is recovering again.

After the Chinese government concluded several agreements with the countries through which the Silk Road passes, and began in the early 2020s to run train trips to several European cities, Turkey and Central Asian countries, to speed up the pace of transportation to these countries and facilitate the obstacles and problems of shipping .

Since time is very important for the merchants to arrive at the right time in the seasons, a train was run from the Republic of China to the Turkish city of Mersin, as this region is witnessing a large commercial movement in this period and has become a transit point for several regions in North Africa and the Middle East, and it was Taizer is one of the first companies that took a large part of the total containers available for this line to guarantee its customers faster services in time and at the best price through modern trains and completely good containers with high and safe specifications.

We are with you from the heart of China to Mersin. Taizer company brings you the distances.

With us, your shipment is faster and safer .


The international shipping sector suffers from a shortage of containers available for shipment
Taizer offers the service of selling new and used containers of different sizes within the international specifications required in international shipping
Container delivery is in the Turkish city of Mersin or any country in the world according to the customer’s request. To inquire about sizes, container prices and delivery areas, please contact us on the numbers on the website