Taizer Trading Company is proud of its leading role in the field of import and export to and from China

through its hard work and dedication has managed since it moved its head office from Russia to China in 2001 , and to this day to achieve excellence in all its dealings and business services and consultancy. In addition to the long-term economic outlook that developed within a new challenge to keep up with the possible development to be among the leading companies. The company has initiated a policy of spreading from its geographical location, located in China (Guangzhou-Yiwu) which considered to be the biggest and most important commercial cities in China. After the success of the company as certified by customers we began to expand outside of China and spread toward the Middle East in particular, and to other countries in the world to facilitate the hardships of travel and communication for the customers, and to be close to them in sharing and understanding of all their commercial needs. In addition to the follow-up process of the goods (customs clearance ,receipt and delivery), and to achieve that; several branch offices were opened in several countries such as Turkey( Antakia), Syria(Damascus, Aleppo), Lebanon (Beirut ), Russia (Moscow). And soon the company has the work plan to start new branch offices in Saudi Arabia and other Cities in the Middle East and Europe.